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Wednesday, March 27th 2013

2:11 AM

Teach An Old Dog New Tricks With The Help From This Article!

A new puppy brings a lot of excitement and frustration into your life. However, it's vital that you train your dog to ensure that your dog, home, and other people are protected. Use positive reinforcement to train your puppy, and you will get some good results. You must be consistent and patient throughout the process. Allocate time daily to dog training, perhaps 20 or 30 minutes. They will get bored if you take any longer.

Your dog needs to eat a healthy diet. Like kids, a dog's mood can be severely affected by their diet. Change your dog's food if you need to. Talk to your dog's vet to make sure there aren't any other issues.

Remember that dog training is not a one-off. You must continue to train throughout the life of your dog. Many owners seem to think that when their obedience training is over, that they will never need training again. This just is not the case. The dog depends on you to teach it new things for many years to come. Continue to reinforce the training you've already provided them so that they won't forget them, and you'll continue to have an obedient dog.

Always discourage any bad behavior you see. Always use a firm voice when telling your dog no. Yelling at or hitting your dog is never acceptable. Be sure to discourage unwanted behaviors as soon as you can. Dogs memories are short. If you wait too long, the dog won't understand what you're trying to tell it.

Make sure that you use a gradual process when training your dog. Begin with brief sessions and extend them from there. Note how far into the training session your dog loses his attention span. That's the time to quit.

Make sure that you use control to reward your dog's good training behavior. Giving a reward for an appropriate behavior is correct, but do it quickly and move on. Although you may feel very pleased, control your response to avoid having your training situation become uncontrolled. Be calm, expect calm, then reward appropriately.

When you speak to your dog in the correct tone of voice, this is the best way to train your dog. Praise, corrections, and commands need their own tones to help the dog differentiate between effects and causes with both of your behaviors. You should use a firm tone of voice for your commands, a loud tone for your scoldings, and a natural, pleasant tone for your praise.

Have a good reward system when training your dog. Unless you offer treats appropriately and frequently, it's almost impossible to keep him motivated and interested. The reason is that dogs may not grasp why they receive rewards if they are given at odd times.

Never get angry at your pet. Remember that in a teacher/student relationship, the student is only as good as the teacher.

http://pinkiepaw.com/ Training your dog will take work, but it is definitely doable. In fact, training your dog can be easy if you take the time.

Dog training requires equal parts of patience, love, and dog treats. These tips will get you and your pup started on a great relationship.
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